Meeting the Homeland Security Challenge: A Principled Strategy for a Balanced and Practical Response   [open pdf - 69KB]

"Homeland Security" appears poised to be the next growth industry in the National Security realm. So what happened? How did it get this way? More important: What are the threats? What can the United States reasonably do about them? Complete answers to these questions are beyond the scope of this article. Some aspects of the Homeland Security topic are so complex that entire volumes would be necessary to explore narrow issues in anything like the depth necessary. Rather than succumb to the temptation to jump right into details on areas of particular concern to the Coast Guard, we have chosen to step back, to look at Homeland Security in a more comprehensive, holistic manner to see if there aren't some higher order principles to guide the nation. Our analysis reveals an existing but discounted National Security "Lever of Power" - Civil Authority - that must be used creatively if America is to successfully meet the Homeland Security challenge. We also identify four principles essential to crafting an effective and affordable response to this multi-faceted problem. Among these are adherence to the Constitution and the Rule of Law, as well as the use of Risk Management concepts in selecting those actions and capabilities to implement.

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