Test Results of Level A Suits to Challenge by Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents and Simulants: Summary Report   [open pdf - 2MB]

In 1996, Congress passed Public Law 104-201, directing the Department of Defense (DoD) to assist other federal, state and local agencies in enhancing preparedness for terrorist attacks using weapons of mass destruction. DoD responded by forming the Domestic Preparedness Program that same year. One of the objectives of the Domestic Preparedness Program is to enhance emergency and hazardous material response to Nuclear, Biological and chemical (NBC) terrorism incidents. As part of an effective response, people who are responding to an incident will use personal protective equipment to protect them from exposure to chemical agents or biological agents. The specific personal protective equipment that will be used depends upon the situation that they encounter and what they have on hand. In some cases, Level A protective suits are required to enter a contaminated area. Level A suits are totally encapsulated suits that protect the wearer from liquid, vapor and gaseous chemical and particulates. Air is supplied by self-contained breathing apparatuses or supplied air lines. Appendix A has a list of the Level A suits that are testing in this program.

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