Combating Deviants: The Saudi Arabian Approach to Countering Extremism and Terrorism   [open pdf - 886KB]

"The government of the Kingdom feels it has done a great deal to counter the effects of Islamic deviants since 9/11 and are adopting many methods in countering extremism and terrorism on the Arabian Peninsula. However, detractors against the Kingdom say this is not the case and that the Saudi government has not done enough to counter these threats. It is for this reason that the purpose of this monograph is to examine the methods and strategies executed by the Kingdom in countering these threats. The question this research will answer is: What policies, practices and strategies employed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are successful in countering the current Islamic extremist/terrorist threat? To answer this question this research will utilize literature written on and in the Kingdom by scholars and authorities in Middle Eastern affairs. This research will develop background on the historical, cultural and religious methods utilized by the Kingdom in dealing with the current extremist/terrorist threats and how these methods have succeeded in thwarting their definition of extremist/terrorist activity."

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