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The Public Health Mission of the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine [DGMQ] is "To reduce morbidity and mortality among immigrants, refugees, travelers, expatriates, and other globally mobile populations, and to prevent the introduction, transmission, and spread of communicable diseases through regulation, science, research, preparedness, and response." From the DGMQ About Page: "DGMQ achieves its mission by focusing on the following topic areas: Immigrant, Refugee and Migrant Health promotes and improves the health of immigrants, U.S.-bound refugees, and migrants through domestic and overseas programs.[....] Quarantine and Border Health Services protects the public's health through detection of and response to communicable diseases related to travel and imported pathogens and improves the health of globally mobile populations transitioning to U.S. communities[....] Travelers' Health works to safeguard the health of U.S. residents traveling internationally or living abroad[....] Policy and Regulatory Affairs ensures effective policies and regulations are in place to prevent the introduction, transmission, and interstate spread of communicable diseases in the United States and its territories[....] Community Interventions for Infection Control works to prevent and slow the spread of pandemic influenza and other infectious diseases in communities through non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs)[....] United States-Mexico Health works to improve the health of migrating populations through public health partnerships, science, and response at the U.S.-Mexico land border."

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