Stolen Identity: How to Protect Their Data while They Protect Us   [open pdf - 5MB]

"If you have any doubt that you could be the next victim of identity theft - think again - because new ways to beguile you into divulging your personally identifiable information (PII) spring up every day. The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), at www.ic3.gov/, routinely reports on emerging scams. Since November 2010, the IC3 has reported identity theft and fraud related to payday loan telephone collection scams, e-mails promising sweepstakes or lottery prizes, and phishing and smishing schemes. But the Department of the Navy is also aggressively working to educate its workforce about identity theft and properly control the use of your PII in the workplace. The DON is working to eliminate or reduce the collection, use, display and storage of the SSN through the DON Social Security Number Reduction Plan. By reading this issue of CHIPS, we hope to make you very skeptical and cautious about revealing your personal information - and very careful when handling the PII of others."

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CHIPS: http://www.chips.navy.mil
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CHIPS - The Department of the Navy Information Technology Magazine (January-March 2011), v.29 no.1
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