Dealing with Terrorist Sanctuary in Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas   [open pdf - 416KB]

"We must use all elements of our national power to support the development and execution of an appropriate Pakistani counterinsurgency strategy that is attenuated by social, state, and global realities to eliminate Taliban and al Qaeda sanctuary in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. This paper describes the problem of terrorist sanctuary in the FATA in context of the forces that shapes the area: The Pashtun society, the state and counter-states, and globalization. After analyzing the problem with established counterinsurgency models I am able to develop an appropriate strategy for success, and conclude with some specific recommendations. Pakistan's counterinsurgency strategy must simultaneously provide security and targeted development at the village level, using and reinforcing existing Pashtun tribal structure. The American Ambassador, supported by a robust country team, USCENTCOM, and other agency experts must develop an appropriate supporting counterinsurgency plan, based on this strategy. This plan must be expeditiously approved, resourced, and supported by the interagency, the President, and Congress, then implemented by, through, and with the Pakistani government to be effective."

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