Preventing Bulk Cash and Weapons Smuggling into Mexico: Establishing an Outbound Policy for the Southwest Border for Customs and Border Protection   [open pdf - 279KB]

"U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the agency responsible for securing the borders of the United States from those people and things that would do the United States harm. The Office of Field Operations (OFO) is the office responsible for securing the Ports of Entry (POEs). CBP/OFO has dedicated personnel, technology, infrastructure and resources assigned to the inbound inspections for processing those travelers and inbound processing has been a national priority of CBP since its inception in 2003. Although CBP/OFO has the authority to conduct outbound inspections, there is little infrastructure, intelligence sharing or technology at the POEs for conducting outbound operations. Some POEs are conducting outbound operations with officers that have been taken from the inbound staffing models. However, at the time of writing this thesis, CBP does not have a national policy mandating POEs conduct outbound operations. On the Southwest Border (SWB), the Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) are continuing to smuggle bulk cash and weapons into Mexico and border violence continues to increase. This thesis makes a recommendation of what the best policy option for outbound operations would be to implement on the SWB."

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