Biological Disease Outbreak - Pandemic Influenza: Scenario   [open pdf - 140KB]

"An outbreak of unusually severe respiratory illness is occurring in China. The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has identified the particular strain as Type A H7N3, a subtype never before isolated from humans. The CDC also reports that the H7N3 virus has been isolated from ill airline passengers and large numbers of cases are now being reported in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and the United States. Young adults are most severely affected and case-fatality rates approach 50%. State and local agencies are asked to intensify influenza surveillance and implement airborne protection measures for staff. News agencies have issued alerts for anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms to immediately contact their health care providers. There is an increase in the number of persons presenting to emergency rooms with symptoms consistent with influenza. More people are seeking medical care than actually need it. Personnel in key positions are absent due to illness, fear of illness or caring for ill family members. Local pharmacies have run out of antiviral medications and are unsure whether they can expect to receive more. Estimates indicate that 10% of the population is ill with H7N3 influenza. Local hospitals and outpatient clinics are extremely short-staffed; an estimated 30- 40% of physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers are absent. Intensive care units are overwhelmed, and there is a shortage of mechanical ventilators for patients with severe respiratory syndromes or postoperative needs. Family members are distraught and outraged when loved ones die within a matter of days. All essential services have personnel shortages, resulting in major reductions in routine services. There are shortages of food supplies due to the nationwide impact."

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Hospital Incident Command System: External Scenario 3
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