Simulation of PKI-Enabled Communication for Identity Management Using CyberCIEGE   [open pdf - 367KB]

"CyberCIEGE is a sophisticated network security simulation packaged as a video game and used by educators around the world to enhance information assurance education and training at universities, community colleges, within the DoD, and in other government agencies. The CyberCIEGE game engine was recently expanded to include Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) features including certification authorities, selection of installed roots and cross certification. CyberCIEGE Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateways, VPN clients and email clients were then extended to incorporate the new PKI features. CyberCIEGE PKI abstractions are described in terms of player configuration choices and the consequences of these choices on network management and vulnerabilities. The CyberCIEGE game engine modifications include modeling of chains of trust and risks of cross certification schemes. The benefits of these enhancements include coherent integration of identity management technologies, ranging from the human interface through to the supporting distributed infrastructure, into scenarios. Benefits also include support for recent new scenarios focused on the PKI infrastructure, identity management, or both; and the ability to tie both identity management and PKI to concepts of identification, authentication, provenance, and access control. [...] Our paper begins with an overview of CyberCIEGE's components. Then we describe the CyberCIEGE network simulation, and that is followed by a discussion of game engine extensions made to represent identity management, PKI functions and PKI-enabled applications. These extensions are designed to help students understand issues related to the management of the identity of users and the identity of data. This work included configurable VPNs, email encryption and authentication, and support for simulated PKI functions within the game."

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Naval Postgraduate School Center for Information Systems Security Studies and Research: http://cisr.nps.edu/
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2010 Military Communications Conference, November 1-3 2010, pp.1758-1763
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