U.S. Department of Justice: Documents and Resources from the January 20, 2011 'La Cosa Nostra' Press Conference   [open html - 35KB]

"The documents contained on this page are copies of indictments made against members of the La Cosa Nostra crime enterprise by the United States of America. 'La Cosa Nostra was an organized criminal group that operated in the Eastern District of New York and elsewhere. La Cosa Nostra operated through organized crime families… The principle purpose of La Cosa Nostra and each of its crime families was to generate money for its members and associates. This purpose was implemented by members and associates of the crime families through various criminal activities, including drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, illegal gambling and loansharking, as well as threatening economic injury and physical violence, including murder.' The documents listed on this page are records of the individual court cases made against the La Cosa Nostra members, and include; U.S. v. Alesi et al, U.S. v. Balzano and Collina, U.S. v. Caramanica et al, U.S. v. Caramanica Detention Memo, U.S. v. Cicalese et al, U.S. v. Colandra, U.S. v. Depiro et al, U.S. v. Depiro Detention Memo, U.S. v. Dragonetti et al, U.S. v. Dragonetti Detention Memo, U.S. v. Gallo, U.S. v. Gioia and Larosa, U.S. v. Messina et al, U.S. v. Russo et al, U.S. v. Russo Detention Memo, U.S. v. Samperi,U.S. v. Vernace,U.S. v. Vernace Detention Memo, U.S. v. Manocchio and Iafrate, U.S. v. Corozzo et al,U.S. v. Cipolla et al."

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