CyberCIEGE: An Extensible Tool for Information Assurance Education   [open pdf - 483KB]

"The purpose of CyberCIEGE is to create an extensible Information Assurance (IA) teaching and learning laboratory. Through a scenario definition language, educators can create simulations to demonstrate specific IA concepts. In addition to rigorous scientific foundations, it involves the application of abstract principles to a virtual world. This hands-on virtual laboratory provides a dynamic and often surprising context where abstract principles can be applied. [...] This paper describes the motivation for CyberCIEGE and the basics of resource management games. Essential components of CyberCIEGE are presented along with an overview of typical game play. How CyberCIEGE can be used by educators to enhance information assurance classes as well as a description of the 'open source' paradigm available for sharing CyberCIEGE scenarios and related teaching materials will be discussed."

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