Evacuation Management Operations (EMO) Modeling Assessment: Transportation Modeling Inventory   [open pdf - 547KB]

"This report documents more than thirty surface transportation modeling tools that have been applied or could be applied to evacuation modeling. Each tool represents a tradeoff between desired scope and analytical complexity, ranging from state-to-state coordination tools such as the Evacuation Traveler Information System (ETIS) to detailed traffic micro-simulation models such as the TSIS/CORSIM traffic simulation model. Based upon a comprehensive literature review, the report first provides a summary of evacuation event types and then a description of the three general classes of modeling approaches (macro, meso, micro) currently used to model evacuation events. The modeling inventory includes a description of each modeling tool and cites case studies (if any) where the tool has been used in modeling evacuation events. Some tools have been developed to model specific types of evacuations, others have more general applications. The modeling inventory concludes with an analysis of the tools as they relate to a modeling spectrum according to scope and analytical complexity, including a discussion of how the decisions supported by analysis drive tradeoffs in terms of scale and computational speed."

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