Policy Memorandum: Implementation of Provisions of Public Law 111-230 Instituting Increased Fees for Certain H-1B and L-1 Petitions and Applications; Revisions to Adjudicator's Field Manual (AFM) Chapters 31.1(b), 31.3(h), 32.3(a), and 32.4(a); AFM Update AD11-19   [open pdf - 91KB]

"This memorandum provides guidance regarding implementation of the provisions of Public Law 111-230 that increase certain H-1B and L-1 petition fees. […] On August 13, 2010, President Obama signed Public Law 111-230, which contains provisions to increase certain H-1B and L-1 petition fees. Effective upon enactment, Public Law 111-230 requires the submission of an additional fee of $2,000 for certain H-1B petitions and $2,250 for certain L-1A and L-1B petitions. The fee applies to petitions postmarked on or after August 14, 2010. Public Law 111-230, as amended, will remain in effect through September 30, 2015. The additional fee applies to petitioners that employ 50 or more employees in the United States with more than 50% of their employees in the United States in H-1B or L-1A or L-1B nonimmigrant status."

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Policy Memorandum: PM-602-0009.1
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