Chemical and Biological Systems Technology   [open pdf - 67KB]

This section addresses technologies for: Bioprocessing; Chemical Manufacturing; Chemical and Biological Defense Systems; Detection, Warning and Identification; Battlefield Environment; and Human Factors. The technology areas identified in the above box contain militarily critical technologies. The other technology areas do not currently include technologies that are militarily critical. The Chemical and Biological Defense Systems section includes technologies that are designed to protect forces when contamination cannot be avoided and provide prophylaxis and therapy from threat agents to any affected forces. These Chemical and Biological Defense Systems technologies also cover decontamination to ensure rapid force reconstitution. Detection, Warning and Identification technologies covered in this section can provide real-time capability to detect, identify, locate, and quantify chemical and biological threats. Sensors must be integrated with an information processing system to analyze the threat, identify potentially affected units, and pass on alarms and warnings to implement protective measures. Both detection and protection apply to personnel operating on the ground, at sea, in the air, and in shelters and large enclosures. Although many sensor and defense technologies have commercial applications, military requirements are much more stringent. Selected toxic chemicals and biological agents which are of concern for defense and detection are presented in tabular form. Toxic chemicals are extracted from the Chemical Weapons Convention. Biological agents are extracted from the Australia Group list.

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