Security Force Assistance: Strategic, Advisory, and Partner Nation Considerations   [open pdf - 299KB]

"United States Security Force Assistance (SFA) provided to partner nations (PN) enjoys varying degrees of success. The conduct of a PN government can have a tremendous impact on the success of SFA efforts and, although it is often ignored, is not beyond the capability of the U.S. to influence. Additional factors within U.S. control, such as the establishment of clear goals and objectives, as well as unity and continuity of effort, often do not receive adequate emphasis in SFA operations. The way U.S. advisors are selected, trained, and employed can also have a significant impact on the success of SFA operations. Although General Purpose Forces (GPF) have assumed a greater advisory role in recent years, the training they currently receive is not adequate to make them effective advisors. This thesis will show that, in order for U.S. SFA missions to be successful, such operations must: be based on clearly stated goals and objectives agreed upon by both the U.S. and the PN government, be contingent upon a PN government adhering to prescribed standards of conduct, and employ advisory personnel and units that have received specialized training in advisory duties."

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