Energizing the Enterprise: An Incentive-Based Approach to Homeland Security   [open pdf - 979KB]

"The key message for the homeland security enterprise in the 2010 National Security Strategy is that homeland security 'is not simply about government action alone, but rather about the collective strength of the entire country.' Based, in part, on sheer numbers, but mostly on its ability to touch every aspect of every life in every location, the American population is simply unmatched by any other resource at our disposal. Therefore, the country's collective strength hinges on the participation of its citizens. Unfortunately, however, much of the population perceives homeland security as a collective good--that they will receive the same benefits whether they contribute or not. After examining the level of importance of individuals to homeland security and then assessing their current level of engagement, this thesis evaluates the tendency of individuals to remain free riders in the administration of a public good--homeland security. The study concludes that the lack of citizen participation is a collective action problem, which will only be remedied through the use of 'separate and selective' incentives."

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