Logistical Response to Assist in Answering the Call of Defense Support to Civilian Authorities in Disaster Response   [open pdf - 580KB]

"This study will specifically focus on the logistical responses necessary to react to a catastrophic incident. An examination of the governmental laws and policies will provide the basis of the legal requirements in supporting the Defense of Civilian Authorities. These laws and policies will lay out the constraints that the President and DOD [Department of Defense] must work though in order to provide the type of response that the public was looking for in Hurricane Katrina. This paper conducted an examination of the National Response Plan (NRP) to determine which areas would fall under the purview of DOD. Focus of the investigation into the NRP also concentrated on the abilities of logistic units that can resolve some of the specified and improvised tasks for DOD. The end-result was the creation of an appendix that allows one to examine each of the Emergency Support Functions within the NRP that provides purpose, scope, and specified tasks for DOD elements. Finally, this paper offers a proposal for instigating a logistics headquarters that could respond to national response in a timely manner and prevent some of the ad hoc command structure that was evident in the responses to Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina. The logistical headquarters is developing within the Army's drive to transformation but will need some refinement to assist in the difficulties facing a response to natural or manmade disasters."

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