Biological Warfare Improved Response Program: Executive Summary: 1998 Summary Report on BW Response Template and Response Improvements   [open pdf - 688KB]

The work reported here was started in April 1998 and completed in December 1998. The work was performed as a part of the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Domestic Preparedness Program. This report presents results of an analysis of domestic response to an act of biological terrorism. Findings contained in the report will be reduced to practice and tested before they are offered to U.S. cities for their possible adaptation and implementation. This report suggests future work to validate findings, fill gaps and assess other aspects of biological domestic preparedness. The BW IRP team identified the need for and proceeded to formulate a generic BW Response Template that embodies the concepts and the specific activities that a city could perform to respond effectively to a BW incident. The template, described in detail in the report, is a listing of activities that would need to be performed to respond to major BW terrorist incident. These are organized into groups that we refer to as components of the response template. Together the components represent an integrated response system. The Team developed timelines for each response activity in order to see how the activities could work together to deal with the dynamics of the onset of casualties for different attack scenarios. The Team then analyzed the personnel and material resources needed to perform each response activity. Lastly, the Team estimated the sources and timing of personnel resources from local, State, and Federal assets in order to determine the overall practicality of the response template and identify shortfalls. Throughout, the Team took a "bottom up" approach and let the problem drive the solution.

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