National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2011: Redefining America's Military Leadership   [open pdf - 6MB]

"This strategy is derived from a thorough assessment of the strategic environment and how to advance our national interests within it. It describes how the Joint Force will redefine America's military leadership by enabling whole-of-nation approaches to address national security challenges. It calls for a broad portfolio of leadership approaches -- facilitator, enabler, convener, and guarantor - to address problems that are truly international in nature. Our leadership approaches magnify the capabilities we possess, making them just as important to assuring favorable outcomes. Our ability to lead will determine how well we advance America's interests through this strategic inflection point. This strategy also sets a vector toward transition from a force that has been engaged in sustained combat operations to a Joint Force that is shaped for the future. As the challenges we face require a Joint Force that is flexible, agile, and adaptive, it emphasizes people as much as platforms. It recognizes that the unique character of our Service members, working hand-in-hand with other government agencies and in support of public-private partnerships, is a formidable advantage. We must continue to care for Service members and their families, and set conditions for their continued success -- in and out of uniform. This will require significant support from Congress, the American people, and a thoughtful, reflective military leadership. By successfully contributing to America's security and prosperity, we will continue to advance our Nation's enduring interests well into the 21st Century."

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Listed on February 23, 2011 [Critical Releases]