U.S. Military and NGO Relationship During Post-Conflict Humanitarian Emergency Operations: How Can the U.S. Military Improve It?   [open pdf - 86KB]

"With the end of the Cold War in 1991 and the US-Soviet struggle that provided support for marginally governed states, there has been an explosion of state fragmentations and failures across the globe. Given these conditions, it is highly likely that the U.S. military and non-governmental organizations [NGO] will find themselves working in closer proximity than ever before, while responding to humanitarian emergencies and post-conflict operations. Though the military and NGOs have a long history of working under harsh conditions and even in the same remote and dangerous locations, the two groups have traditionally tried to avoid collaborative efforts, both believing that their work was essentially incompatible. Given the likelihood that the military will be working with NGOs more frequently and far into the future, its operational level leadership would benefit by learning to better understand how broadly its organization differs from NGOs and take steps needed to bridge the cultural gap that separates them, in order to achieve common goals."

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