Report of the Biological Weapon Improved Response Program (BW-IRP): Updated BW Response Decision Tree and BW Response Template to U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM)   [open pdf - 705KB]

The purpose of this report is to update the original BW-IRP Decision Tree and the BW-IRP Response Template, published in April 1999, with information obtained from workshops, exercises and seminars conducted subsequent to its initial development. The BW Response Template was validated by a series of workshops at various cities to determine the applicability and scalability to different locations and demographics. Additional workshops were focused on other areas of the project. The Revised Decision Tree incorporates changes and modification derived from the workshops conducted under the BW-IRP. As part of the modification process, several additional decision trees were generated that go into more detail than the basic Decision Tree. This level of detail may prove to helpful to jurisdictions as they plan for their response to a BW incident. The key decisions during a BW response are: Has an unexplained event occurred?; Is a major public health event occurring?; Is the probable cause and population at risk known?; Decide on medical prophylaxis and treatment measures; Decide on appropriate activation of emergency medical support and other appropriate responses functions. The result is that the BW Decision Tree and BW Response Template, when taken together, provide a picture of what is likely to be required to successfully respond to a BW incident. The BW Decision Tree and its subordinate decision trees may serve also as an aid in identifying and tracking the difficult but necessary decisions that must be made during an ongoing large-scale medical emergency. The template provides a structured response strategy and includes examples of response activities.

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