Final Report of the Biological Warfare Improved Response Program (BW-IRP): NDPO/DoD Criminal and Epidemiological Investigation Workshop, January 19-21, 2000: to U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM)   [open pdf - 3MB]

This report is divided into three primary sections. The first section discusses the process used to arrive at the conclusions in this report. The second section briefly discusses the core issues that drove the discussions among the respective panelists. The final section contains the panelists' conclusions and suggestions to facilitate improved coordination between the law enforcement and the medical/public health communities. The conclusion addresses four key areas: WHAT - What information is necessary for each investigation?; WHO/WHEN - Who gets this information? When should the individual or group get the information?; HOW - Understanding that there are barriers to free exchange of some information, how can the law enforcement and medical/public health communities work to improve the exchange?; DECISIONS - What are the critical decision points in each investigation?. The effective use of all resources during a mass casualty incident will be critical to an efficient and appropriate response. The use of biological agents in a terrorist attack is likely to stretch a jurisdiction's resources to the limit. Both law enforcement and medical/public health communities will be tasked with a variety of duties, including their respective investigations. Accordingly, it is important to maximize the use of all available resources. The Workshop participants were asked to develop a list of the types of information or questions that each group could obtain for the other while conducting their respective investigations. Medical/public health personnel could obtain and provide information from their epidemiological investigation to benefit a criminal investigation. Conversely, the law enforcement community could provide data that would benefit an epidemiological investigation. The identified information may be data that is currently collected or may be additional information that must be collected.

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