What Are the Security Threats to Further Development of Nuclear Power Plants in the U.S.?   [open pdf - 448KB]

"What are the security threats to further development of nuclear power plants in the U.S.? The U.S. stands alone today in terms of the vast nuclear armory at its disposal. It is clear we know something about how to build nuclear weapons, and yet, we are not world leaders in the field of nuclear power. Nuclear energy has the potential to be an alternative fuel source that would be sustainable and economical. Nuclear power is controversial in the U.S. because it raises issues of domestic energy policy, funding, regulation, safety, and especially security. In turn it can affect U.S. investments, foreign policy, economy, and jobs. As America struggles with its dependence on foreign oil, we must seek alternative fuel sources. The President has made energy a priority and is pushing for a 'clean energy economy.' Not to pursue alternative fuel sources will directly impact our ability to be economically competitive, as other countries will have cheaper electricity for manufacturing and services. We need to protect the U.S. from economic and strategic risks associated with our reliance on foreign oil. We also need to address the destabilizing effects of a changing climate, Internet is heavily impacted by our energy use."

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