Fire Risk in 2004 [February 2008]   [open pdf - 486KB]

"The risk from fire is not the same for everyone. Nearly 4,000 deaths and 17,875 injuries in the United States were caused by fire in 2004. These casualties were not distributed equally across the U.S. population, and the resulting risk of death or injury from fire is not uniform-it is more severe for some groups than for others. Much can be learned from understanding why different segments of society are at heightened risk from the fire problem. This Topical Fire Report explores fire risk as it applies to fire casualties in the U.S. population. It is an update to Fire Risk, Volume 4, Issue 7. Risk is a factor, element, or course of action involving uncertainty. It is an exposure to some peril, and it often implies a probability of occurrence, such as investment risk or insurance risk. In terms of the fire problem, risk is the potential for injury or death of a person or damage or loss to property. This topical report focuses on how fire risk, specifically the risk of death and injury, varies with age, and how other demographic and socioeconomic factors weigh upon that risk."

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Topical Fire Report Series (February 2008), v.7 no.5
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