Report to the President and Congress, Designing a Digital Future: Federally Funded Research and Development in Networking and Information Technology [December 2010]   [open pdf - 2MB]

"From smartphones to eBook readers to game consoles to personal computers; from corporate data-centers to cloud services to scientific supercomputers; from digital photography and photo editing, to MP3 music players, to streaming media, to GPS navigation; from robot vacuum cleaners in the home, to adaptive cruise control in cars and the real-time control systems in hybrid vehicles, to robot vehicles on and above the battlefield; from the Internet and the World Wide Web to email, search engines, eCommerce, and social networks; from medical imaging, to computer-assisted surgery, to the large-scale data analysis that is enabling evidence-based healthcare and the new biology; from spreadsheets and word processing to revolutions in inventory control, supply chain, and logistics; from the automatic bar-coding of hand-addressed first class mail, to remarkably effective natural language translation, to rapidly improving speech recognition -- our world today relies to an astonishing degree on systems, tools, and services that belong to a vast and still growing domain known as Networking and Information Technology (NIT). NIT underpins our national prosperity, health, and security. In recent decades, NIT has boosted U.S. labor productivity more than any other set of forces."

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