Executive Order 12065: National Security Information   [open pdf - 954KB]

Alternate Title: EO 12065: National Security Information

"This executive order is intended to balance the public's interest in access to Government information with the need to protect certain national security information from disclosure. It addresses classification designation; classification authority; the limitations on delegation of classification authority; exceptional cases; duration of classification; the use of derivative classification; declassification authority; declassification policy; and downgrading. Executive Order No. 11652 of March 8, 1972, as amended by Esecutive Order No. 11711 of April 24, 1973, and as further amended by Esecutive Order No. 11862 of June 11, 1975, and the National Security Council Directive of May 17, 1972 (3 C.F.R. 1085 (1971-75 Comp.) ) are revoked."

Report Number:Executive Order 12065; EO 12065
Publisher:United States. Office of the Federal Register
Copyright:Public Domain
Media Type:application/pdf
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